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About Me

As a social worker, I have over 14 years of experience in the line of work.  I pride myself for being able to create a safe, warm and supportive environment, where I use a strength-based perspective, as well as cognitive behavioral strategies to support people.  My passion is helping couples of various, racial, cultural, gender and sexual orientations to navigate challenging situations and support them in creating a deeper and healthier communication style. I’m fluent in Spanish, German and English.

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  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in couples and sex therapy.  Through my graduate studies, I learned about couples and family therapy, which I felt very connected to, as it helped me understand how our experiences and families of origin impact our presence in relationships.  

My interest in being a sex therapist was sparked when working with marginalized groups and realizing we rarely are educated about intimacy and there are many misconceptions and myths about it, leading to conflicts in partnerships.  

I completed my B.S. at Hunter College and my M.S.W. at Columbia University.  In the Spring of 2019 I finished my studies at the University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Sex Therapy Certificate Program and am completing my training as a couples and family therapist at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

In my spare time, I participate in endurance sports and have completed 5 Ironman triathlons, an ultramarathon, and a number marathons.  I use my training for these events as a platform for my ways of thinking about work with couples, as the process takes time, patience, openness to change and mental strength.  


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Couples Therapy

Many couples report feeling happy in their relationship most of the time. However, with a small proportion of them, interactions can turn volatile, leading to extreme anger, withdrawal, and hurt. When volatility strikes it generally follows a pattern: it’s typically triggered by a partner’s specific action, inaction or response. I work with couples to help them recognize their relationship’s patterns, understand each other’s triggers, and finally break this cycle. .


  • Find effective ways to communicate and manage conflicts

  • Increase connection and intimacy

  • Understand relationship dynamicsNavigate life cycle transitions such as marriage, having children, loss, separation, and divorce

  • Repair ruptures, like infidelity and betrayals, that decrease trust. 

  • Co-parenting

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy, which is talk therapy. While sexuality, intimacy and relationship dynamics play a significant role in our lives, people refrain from talking about these subjects.   As a couple therapist and sex therapist, my goal is to help you feel positive and confident about your mental and sexual health. I am an LGTBQ+ affirming therapist.

Sex therapy does NOT include the act of sex or sex surrogacy in the office.  

People often seek sex therapy to:

  • work through struggles related to desire, arousal, orgasm, and painful sex.

  • improve communication.

  • explore challenges with intimacy after childbirth

  • attain support with overcoming sexual trauma.


I invite you to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to talk about how I can help you.


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At this time I am not accepting insurances and offer a sliding scale fee.



Appointments must be canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the scheduled time or you will still be responsible for the full session fee.

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